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Chain actuator

Thrust force 400 N - Adjustable stroke max. 500mm

Electric C40 actuator with double link articulated chain, enclosed in a special casing, with different mounting accessories for top and bottom hung windows. Operation at 230V 50Hz or, as an alternative, at 24V DC. Maximum applicable load 400N. Fast hooking and unhooking system of the chain to the window. Max. stroke 500mm, end of stroke adjustable at 100, 150, 200, 205, 300, 350, 400 mm by an external knob located on both sides of the actuator. Electronic device with acoustic warning to signal erroneous installation to the user. Electronic traction control speed reduction, during the last 100mm of closing action. High protection IP 55 rated.
Upon request, a preset S version for the synchronous operation of more actuators on the same window isavailable.
CE marked device.


Chain Actuator C40
Technical Characteristics

* the indicated weight is subject to variations, depending on the chosen accessories

Chain Actuator C40
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