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Control unit
output 24V and/or 230V
Detectors and remote controls

TF33R Control and feeding unit with 2 outputs at 24V and 1 output at 230V, max. 1,5A each. Provided with remote control receiver, either at 433,92 MHz or infra-red. Input for one RW wind sensor with adjustable speed threshold via trimmer.
Possibility to operate two RDC 12V rain sensors simultaneously. A blue LED indicates the control unit and the remote control status. All functions (rain sensor exclusion, manual operation, thermostat connection, etc.) can be set out via dipswitch. CE marked device.

TF23R, TF24R, TF44R, RR The TF23R, TF24R, TF44R and RR control units feed and control 24V or 230V TOPP actuators. Built-in radio receiver at 433,92 MHz. Pre-set for RW wind sensor and RDC 12V rain sensor. CE marked device.

RW Wind sensor
Rilevatore Vento Rw
The wind sensor, connected to TOPP control units, closes the windows when the wind speed exceeds a preset value. Contained in weatherproof plastic housing, with rotating blade system sensing wind speed.

RDC/12 Rain sensor
Rain sensor
The RDC/12 rain sensor, like the wind sensor, must be placed outside, exposed to rainfalls. It can be connected to the TOPP control units TF23R, TF33R, TF24R, TF44R, RR and TF RWZ to operate the windows automatic closure when the sensor is wet. Insensitive to dew and humidity.
Control Unit TF
Technical Characteristics

* Motors must be equally located on the four feeding unit outputs, which implies a 1 minute delay between 2 consecutive commands.
** Except 1000 mm stroke.
*** Max. 400 mm stroke.

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