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Bluetooth solution for parameter settings and function selection
via smartphone or tablet

ToppGO is an easy and intuitive solution, designed for TOPP automatic doors, for setting the parameters and selecting the functions through a free application to be installed in your mobile device.
The system consists of the GO1 Bluetooth module inserted on board the door drive and the ToppGO App.
The ToppGO App is compatible with both Android and IOS devices.
It offers two different levels of password access, for the installer or the user.
The installer can view and program the different door parameters, check error history, and perform a preliminary diagnostic check. The user can choose the mode of operation between automatic, open, closed, entry only, exit only or partial opening. The system also allows the user to download the door data and send them to technical support to review and make any parameter changes. The technician then can either reload the modified parameters or load templates with predefined parameters depending on the type of door and installation.
GO1 bluetooth module
ToppGO user profile


The smartphone becomes a selector where the user can choose the mode of operation of the door: in automatic, in open, in closed, in entry only, in exit only or with partial opening. The user can also download data to send it to technical support for error checking.
ToppGO installer profile


The installer can set and adjust all door parameters according to the needs of the installation. He can perform a preliminary diagnostic check, monitor error logs, download the existing parameters, modify and upload them back or, alternatively, upload predefined templates prepared for similar ports.
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