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Modular system for access automation

TOPP DUEVILLE modular system for entrances with automatic sliding doors. Includes integrated entrance lighting (LED light diffused through the length of the automation and spot side LED lights) controlled by radio control, maximum 200 kg capacity, continuous use, electronic board with microprocessor of latest generation that allows the motion self-adjustment according to the weight and dimensions of the panels.

Built-in safety functions with thrust force control and obstruction detection system that automatically reverses the operation when an obstacle in the doorway is detected. Device with encoder for the automatic reading of stroke, position and slowdown of the panels.

Base parameters setting through push buttons on the electronic board and advanced user and installer settings via digital selector. Operating modes selection with manual selector, digital selector or remote control. Conforms to EN16005. CE marking.

Optional accessories to be installed concealed inside the automation cover: video surveillance kit, sound diffusion kit, tubular motor kit for standard roller blind.
Available leather cover treatments and different textures and colors.
  For information about the possible configurations, and a personalised study depending on different needs, please contact the TOPP customer support - tel. +39 0444 656700
Technical Characteristics

* Data refers to a 6m length automation. To calculate the power consumption of smaller doors the following formula ca be used: P=90+(16)+(24xL), where L is the length of the automation.

Dimensional Characteristics
Applications Dueville


Linear automation, LED lighting located under the beam, elements with inclination of 45 degrees and side LED spot lights.


Linear automation, LED lighting located under the beam, elements with inclination of 90 degrees, without side LED spot lights.


Corner automation system for two counterposed entrances, LED lighting located under the beam, angular module and elements inclined at 45° and side LED spot lights.


Automation system for corner entrances, LED lighting located under the beam, angular module and elements with inclination of 90 degrees and side LED spot lights.


Automation system for access control vestibules for 2 counterposed entrances, soft LED light all along the door beam, angular modules to frame the full glass load-bearing structure.

base element standard configuration with position and scenographic integrated lighting DUEVILLE system
integrated lighting base element with integrated lighting and single lighting fixtures DUEVILLE system
serial union of the elements merged profiles in series to optimise automation of sliding doors on the same wall DUEVILLE system
Modular elements for maximum versatility and adaptability of the system to different sizes and shapes of spaces DUEVILLE system
Dueville can create an autonomous entrance space (vestibule) which integrates the automation mechanism and the structure, making it a flexible product, adaptable to all architectural works
The various wall inclinations can be adapted depending on the architectural work in which it is mounted and can become functional: the walls can house backlit signs, with the advantage of a better orientation towards pedestrians DUEVILLE system
Dueville compositions can define an additional illuminated display space, with a structural system that includes the sliding door automation, the connecting elements and the integrated lighting DUEVILLE system
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