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Electromechanical Swing Door Operator. Max. capacity 250 Kg.

Automatic door operators TOPP, model S200 and M200, for pedestrian swing doors. They may be used for doors with 700mm widths with maximum weight of 250kg and 1200 widths with maximum weight of 130kg respectively. Power supply 230V~ 50 Hz. With a minimalist and sober design, with an elegant aluminium cover, are the ideal solution for prestigious environments, both residential and commercial: shops, offices, hotels and other situations that require an automatic swing door.

Simple and easy to install due to the fitting plate, the adjustable settings on the electronic board and the side switches for the power supply, functions and reset selection. In compliance with the EN16005 Standard, the S200 and M200 work in either Full Power and Low Energy modes. The Low Energy mode does not require safety sensors due to the electronic control of force and weight.

Due to the combination of 3 different types of arm - slide track arm, push arm and elbow slide track arm - with extension systems, the mechanisms are very easy to configure and can be adapted to any wall and door type. In case of a power failure, a long-life battery pack will assure the operator’s functioning. S200 tested in accordance with the EN1634-1 Standard (fire resistance test).
Tur Automatisierung M200
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Tur Automatisierung M200 Tur Automatisierung M200
Tur Automatisierung M200
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