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Pedestrian linear telescopic door automation. Max. capacity 200 Kg.

Door automation device TOPP, model K200T, for pedestrian sliding telescopic doors, max. capacity 200 kg, with electronic board with microprocessor of latest generation that allows the motion self-adjustment according to the weight and dimensions of the panels.

Built-in safety functions with thrust force control and obstruction detection system that automatically reverses the operation when an obstacle in the doorway is detected. Device with encoder for the automatic reading of stroke, position and slowdown of the panels. CE marked device.

Custom-made options: opening and closing speed; slowdown and approaching speed and space; pause closing time (automatic/partial/with key); partial opening; emergency operation mode with battery; operation mode with panel lock
Automation Telescopic Doors K200T
Technical Characteristics
Dimensional Characteristics
Automation Telescopic Doors K200T Automation Telescopic Doors K200T
Automation Telescopic Doors K200T
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